jueves, 7 de agosto de 2008


Bueno, todo lo que he contado sobre las tapas que he recibido de la República Checa se completa con esta foto, que recibí ayer con el siguiente mensaje:
"Hallo Enrique Muniz,
Thanks a lot for publishing those pictures at your blog! I found one picture of mine in my archive which most represents my relationship to canals. I think it is from 2004, so I was 23 years old (now I am 27 and I have short hairs). But I've started to shoot canal covers systematicaly two years ago.
As you wrote at the blog, hope see each other in Madrid! This year my girlfriend and I we are going to holidays to Sevilla and next to Algarve, so maybe next holidays :-)
And if you will visit Prague, I have a tip for you - you can visit guided tour in "colector" - big tunel under ground which conduct gas, electricity, water and so on. And next there is old sawer water cleaning station, it is open from spring to autumn.
Ok, see you in Spain or in Czech Rep.! I am looking foreward! Have a good light and more covers! Lukas Kucera"

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